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Twickenham Studios

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12:01 am
February 20, 2012


Infinity and Beyond

Advanced Driver
Advanced Driver

posts 19

Post edited 12:05 am – February 20, 2012 by Buzz

Yet another blow to the British film industry, with Twickenham Film Studios going into administration.

I know their fate has been hanging in the balance for a while now, especially as their current owners have been more interested in watching the value of their real estate, rather than their films. It's hard to believe that Twickenham Studios, who were soon to be celebrating their centenary, will be no more. After Pinewood and Shepperton (and the demise of Elstree) Twickenham have been the third biggest studio in the UK and with just as much history… Sir Richard Attenborough and Richard Lester being regular Directors… a million movie stars and The Beatles with "Help" and "A Hard Day's Night" to name just two iconic British films produced at Twickenham Studios over the past 10 decades.

This is a very sad time for the British film industry, as will it's future be, if something isn't done soon to rescue it.


4:47 pm
February 29, 2012


Infinity and Beyond

Advanced Driver
Advanced Driver

posts 19

Dear All,

I'm forwarding the following message, from a friend who's desperately trying to save Twickenham Film Studios.

If you care about the British film industry… please sign the petition below.




Dear Friend/Colleague,
As you may be aware, Twickenham Film Studios was recently put into administration by its owners and there is a distinct danger that if sold to developers it will be razed to the ground to build offices and flats.
If this happens, the industry will lose a vital and historic Studio complex – one which, if managed with care and attention, can be expanded and upgraded to continue to provide much needed employment and facilities to the film and television community.
Housing, amongst its’ many services, one of the very few Dolby Premiere sound dubbing Studios in the country, and with its excellent transport links, Twickenham Studios is unique and must be allowed to continue as a crucial part of our industry – one which we are constantly being told by the government is vital to attract investment to and provide employment opportunities in this country.
Indeed the government, having recently blocked any further development at Pinewood, would be ill advised to allow another key part of what remains a relatively fragile industry to disappear to unnecessary development.
Already, there is a groundswell of opposition forming to the potential destruction of this historic site, both within the Film, Television and creative community, and amongst the local St Margarets community itself.
You can help the cause by signing the petition, forwarding to as many concerned people as possible and writing to your MP to let him or her know how important you find this issue. Spread the word and we can save the Studio and allow it to celebrate its centenary later this year as an essential part of our industry’s infrastructure!
Thank You…..m-studios/

12:10 pm
March 1, 2012


Infinity and Beyond

Advanced Driver
Advanced Driver

posts 19

And another…


Dear Colleague/Friend, 

The campaign to save Twickenham Studios is gathering steam very quickly. We seem to have unearthed a mother lode of outrage, anger and good old British bulldog spirit! Already the petition has gained over 1150 signatures in just a couple of days and they continue to pour in. 

We have now started to talk to industry bodies, and the Press, who being the press are most interested in any famous names who have signed up. We’ve enlisted Michael Apted, Peter Medak, Stephen Daldry, John Landis, Terry Jones and even Steven Spielberg (we’re just checking that one but we’re confident it’s the one we think it is!) 

So, why am I bothering you again? Well, if you have signed up – many thanks and well done, but read on…this still concerns you! 

If you haven’t signed up…..what are you waiting for!? This could be the best thing you do all day! 

If you have, but have yet to forward the details of the campaign and the Petition on to all your friends and colleagues within and without the Industry….wait no longer but press SEND! 

If you are in the process of doing so, could you pay especial attention to any of your contacts who might be regarded as household names, or even big names within the industry, as their signatures, along with any comments they might like to make as well, will be even more useful to the cause than just the likes of you and me (well me I suppose). 
I have no doubt that you have the odd megastar buried in your email trail somewhere. Dig them out and sign them up! The megarer the better obviously. Only when we start getting emails from Tom, Brad, Jennifer, George and Madonna begging us to stop bothering them – they’ve signed already! – will we know the job has been done. 

Thank you and continue to spread the word.…..studios/ 


3:07 pm
March 1, 2012


London, UK


posts 1

As per other posts this is just to ask everyone to get that petition signed (especially by any big name directors/producers/actors/crew) and spread the word on Face Book and Linked-In. Thanks!…..studios/ 

4:31 pm
March 13, 2012


Infinity and Beyond

Advanced Driver
Advanced Driver

posts 19

Another plea for help…


Dear Save Twickenham Film Studios Supporter,

Thank you for signing our online petition. I’m pleased to say that we now have over 3100 signatures, but our task is not over yet!!

Today, in a statement to The Guardian newspaper, Jeremy Hunt, the British culture secretary and head of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, said:

"While the closure will be a loss to the film industry, this is a commercial decision made by a private company, and the government has no remit to intervene."

We strongly disagree with this and would like you to also voice your disapproval by sending a letter to Mr Hunt. We know you are exceedingly busy people and appreciate the effort you’ve made so far, but one more push could make all the difference. We don’t have much time. We’ve been told only a couple of weeks. So, if it makes life easier you could just copy and paste the letter below:


Dear Mr Hunt,

Twickenham Film Studios has stood for ninety nine years and is instrumental in producing some of the greatest movies during that time. You said today to The Guardian newspaper that the Government cannot intervene in a commercial decision made by a private company. But surely your role as the culture secretary is to help serve and support the film industry? Surely it is your job to ask questions and investigate why this business has gone into administration and not just stand to one side and let this valuable asset slip by? We strongly urge you to look closely into the whole affair before it is too late.

Yours sincerely


You can contact Jeremy Hunt at the following addresses:

Department for Culture Media and Sport
2-4 Cockspur Street

Email: marking FAO: Jeremy Hunt

Twitter: @Jeremy_Hunt


Thank you for your continuing support.

Follow us on Twitter

7:03 pm
March 13, 2012

Scotty B

Petersfield (Hull originally)

Webway Chief
Webway Chief

posts 186

Keep up the good work Buzz…..the battle for Twickenham has only just begun.



"A dream when you dream alone is a dream. A dream when you dream together is reality." John Lennon

7:59 pm
March 17, 2012


Infinity and Beyond

Advanced Driver
Advanced Driver

posts 19

Just saw the early evening BBC London News, which contained a report on the plight of Twickenham Studios. It's good this crisis is at last getting the general public's recognition and therefore might just make the relevant government ministers take more notice.


6:20 pm
April 12, 2012



posts 7

well i also appreciate his efforts in facebook and linked in and British industry has produce some great men for the hollywood movies so thanks for your such nice and informative posting here.

12:27 pm
April 17, 2012


Infinity and Beyond

Advanced Driver
Advanced Driver

posts 19

I've heard that there is to be a protest meeting against the studio's closure, at Twickenham Film Studios, this Thursday, 19th April at 1:30pm.

Film & TV industry members are joining other interested parties and local pressure groups to demonstrate their concerns. All are welcome.


2:50 pm
April 18, 2012


Infinity and Beyond

Advanced Driver
Advanced Driver

posts 19


I've just heard that tomorrow's protest meeting at Twickenham Film Studios has been cancelled.

Apparently, there are positive signs that time is to be allowed to explore the possibility of a potential buyer to keep the studios going.

Fingers crossed…


4:34 pm
June 6, 2012


Infinity and Beyond

Advanced Driver
Advanced Driver

posts 19


In a statement issued today from Gerald Krasner of Begbies Traynor, joint Administrator of Twickenham Film Studios Ltd:

"The joint administrators are pleased to announce that following the re-marketing of the studios, a successful bidder has been found. 62 confidentiality letters were sent out, of which 21 were returned and these all received sales packs.

A number of offers were received and on Friday 1st June 2012, contracts were exchanged with a third party to acquire the studios as a going concern, retaining all of the staff. A 10% deposit has been paid to the joint administrators' solicitors and it is envisaged that completion will take place later this year. At this stage, the purchaser wishes to remain anonymous and further details will be released after completion."


Many Congratulations and Good Luck to all our friends at Twickenham Studios!

Best wishes,


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Twickenham Studios

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