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Left Eye Blind

Left Eye Blind


Left Eye Blind Productions

Marshall Mills,

Marshall Street,


LS11 9YJ

Tel. 0113 242 1906


Left Eye Blind is a music video, film and commercial production company. Our sole ambition is to create visually exciting media.

See our work @


Classlane Media Showreel

Classlane Media


Classlane Media

The Coach House
Newport Grange
Main Road
East Yorkshire
HU15 2PR.


The new Classlane Media showreel is now online for your viewing pleasure!

Featuring some of our best bits from the past year or so, the showreel documents our media life, with sparkling HD footage gathered on location in places such as London, Paris, the Caribbean, and Lapland… all the way back to our edit suites.

You may also recognise a few famous faces – Julia Bradbury, Sarah Beeny, Gary Rhodes and Denise Welch to name but a few.

We don’t really need to say much more – we’ll let the film do the talking…


Dreambase Studios Limited



Dreambase Studios Limited

Lime Link Business Centre

Royal Wootton Bassett





This showreel contains a selection of features and shorts that we have completed sound post including Our Time Alone and Frequency for B3 Media/UKFC. Special Delivery, PD3000, Eliminate Archie Cookson, currently at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. We are currently updating our website and will have a new film showreel in the next few weeks.


The Mill


A showreel demonstrating the very best of The Mill Group’s work in 2010. Includes commercial work, gaming, animation, content direction, music videos, motion graphics, television and award winning visual effects from The Mill’s London, New York and Los Angeles visual effects studios.

The Mill

40-41 Great Marlborough Street

0207 287 4041




A multi-disciplinary graphic design studio. We love art direction, motion, interactive design and illustration. Design for us is not just a plains results, but a search for a unique experience. Welcome to our studio, have a good time and enjoy it! Continue Reading →

North Kingdom


We are a digital creative agency from Sweden. Our headquarters and heritage is in the far north, a small town next to the polar circle called Skellefteå. Through years of innovation and exploration in the digital medium, we’ve held on to what we feel is important – creative freedom, quality of work and curiosity – always with our feet on the ground and in high spirits. We like to see ourselves as a small, flexible, fast-moving team with big ideas. We have friends and partners all over the world to help us make those ideas come alive. Continue Reading →

MK12 Summer Showreel


MK12 is a design and filmmaking collective based in Kansas City, Missouri, with acclaim in both commercial and artistic arenas. Founded in 2000 by art school refugees Jed Carter, Tim Fisher, Matt Fraction and Ben Radatz and later joined by designer / composer Shaun Hamontree and computer guru Chad Perry, MK12′s work constantly challenges the boundaries between narrative structure and experimental storytelling via juxtapositions of live action, graphic design, nostalgic influence and new technologies. MK12 has been sought after to direct numerous commercial & network-based projects and has also provided graphic design & animation for feature films such as Stranger than Fiction, The Kite Runner, Holy Wars and Quantum of Solace.

MK12′s experimental & short film catalogue has been featured in many international film festivals and has been published in design and trade journals worldwide. Most recently, their short film “Overload” — a collaboration with NY-based painter Brian Alfred — was inducted into the Guggenheim’s permanent collection.

MK12 continues to produce original content for television and cinema, and its most recent film, “MK12′s History of America”, proves to be their most ambitious work to date, merging experimental design and traditional storytelling to dramatic effect. More information about this and other projects can be found at[1]