A look back at Peter Yates and Bullitt

Blog | December 20, 2011

This is a look back at the prolific British film director we lost in 2011, Peter Yates, and celebrate the imfamous car chase he gave us (with the help of [...]

Scrooge 1970

Which is the best film adaptation​ of Charles Dicken’s Scrooge?

Blog | December 16, 2011

Now Christmas is upon us, with Noddy Holder blaring out from smoke-free boozers, and Wizzard’s I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day repeated endlessly on the radio, there is [...]

Postcard2 copy

Promote Yourself Free On FilmNav

Blog | December 12, 2011

If you would like to appear in FilmNav’s weekly SeeView Services interview blog, where we choose to profile a working British filmmaker from the industry, please contacts us – It [...]

FilmNav Xmas 1

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Blog | December 7, 2011

Although FilmNav is still in its infancy, only being online for less than a month, this has still capped off a memorable year for me. I started off 2011 in Delhi, [...]


FilmNav Promo Posters

Blog | November 5, 2011

For anyone who is interested, these are the series of promo posters I designed prior to the launch date of December 5th, 2011. The designs were inspired by the early [...]

Steve Hughes

Interview with Steve Hughes

Blog | October 23, 2011

This week’s driver who has decided to stop off at the SeeView service station is Steve Hughes…..


The Background To FilmNav

Blog | October 13, 2011

Welcome First and foremost, if you have stumbled across this site by accident, or came here purposely, welcome! The launch date of FilmNav - 5th December 2011, coincides with the opening of Britain’s [...]