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Bondmania is Back! Skyfall Biggest Ever Release for Sony

Sam Mendes’ Skyfall continues its unstoppable box office run, as the 23rd James Bond has officially become Sony’s biggest film at the worldwide box office, beating Spider-Man 3. The film has also passed The Dark Knight Rises internationally.

Sony, MGM and Eon’s James Bond hit added $20.3m internationally to reach $656.6m, and a number one North American haul of $11m for $261.6m to overtake Sony’s previous best of $890m set by Spider-Man 3.



Skyfall is breaking records as each week passes, harking back to the dizzy heights of Bondmania in the 1960′s when Connery played 007.

Skyfall still needs to open in China, one of the biggest international markets today. If the film breaks out there, $1 billion should happen, which would make Skyfall the first James Bond film grossing $1 billion at the box office.


The box office figures for the top 10 highest grossing Bond films, adjusted for inflation reads approximately like this -

1. $1,037,291,060.32 Thunderball

2. $932,346,267.74 – Goldfinger

3. $918,220,000.00 – Skyfall

4. $843,280,463.96 – Live And Let Die

5. $773,204,227.54 – You Only Live Twice

6. $707,967,950.50 – The Spy Who Loved Me

7. $687,348,781.40 – Casino Royale

8. $670,341,133.13 – Moonraker

9. $662,795,358.02 – Diamonds Are Forever

10. $629,928,504.77 – Quantum Of Solace