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BBC’s Eldorado to Return?

Eldorado, the BBC produced Soap Opera from 1992 is very likely to be revived in the near future.

Eldorado arrived in a blaze of publicity in the summer of 1992. The set, built in the Spanish mountain area of Coin still stands to this day. The project was only televised for 1 year with 156 episodes, with its amateur acting and poor storylines in the beginning, due to a rushed push to reach an unrealistic on-air date, and confused direction from senior executives.



However, its popularity and affection in people’s hearts has continued to blossom and now many ‘experts’ are suggesting it should be resurrected.

Since its 1993 demise – at which point around 10m viewers were tuning in for each episode – it has enjoyed several repeats on UK Gold.


The Eldorado set as it looks today:

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There are even rumours that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) may be involved!

Legendary writer Tony Jordan, who penned Eldorado‘s first episode, also wants to revive the show, saying last year: “I think we should bring Eldorado back. It’s a fantastic brand – although obviously not in the way it was first done, and I wrote the first episode so I’m allowed to say that.”

The final few weeks of Eldorado saw ratings surge to 12 million viewers and its cancellation was something Alan Yentob later admitted was a mistake.

There is in fact an official-unofficial Eldorado website which is full of great factoids an interviews http://www.losbarcos.org.uk/


Eldorado had its own Dirty Den. Original bad boy Marcus Tandy, played by Jesse Birdsall.


We think it should return. The later episodes of the show were a vast improvement, with Marcus Tandy’s escape from certain death in a car bomb during the final episode. It would be nice to see a channel controller take ‘the bull by the horns’ and listen to the voice of the people! Well, at least consider the obvious anyway – with all the doom and gloom set to continue in the near future why not offer viewers a touch of ‘sun, sea and sand’ in their own living room, that may be a little far-fetched, but close enough to home to be almost tangible.

So, what do you think? Was Eldorado taken off our screens too quickly? Should it be revived?

Before you decide, you may want to watch the ‘best bits’ of Eldorado again:

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