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Prince Charles to meet Redford at Sundance

The Prince of Wales is set to meet Hollywood veteran Robert Redford at the first Sundance London film and music festival.

Charles will also be joined by British and American film-makers and environmentalists at a reception for the premiere of Harmony: A New Way Of Looking At Our World.

The Prince will introduce the film, made by Stuart Sender and Julie Bergman Sender.



It tells the story of how, for more than three decades, Charles has worked with environmental activists, government and business leaders, artists, architects and visionaries to address the global environmental and economic crisis and seek a more sustainable, spiritual and harmonious relationship with the planet.


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Redford, president and founder of the Sundance Institute, said: “The Prince of Wales and I share a dedication to preserving the environment and to identifying innovative and yet realistic ways to do so. This important film showcases his diligence, passion and achievement which includes his efforts to amplify the work of social innovators on the front lines of change the world over. In this wonderful journey he shows us what can be an inspired future.”

Sundance is taking place at the O2 Arena.

Source: UKPA