5 Tips for Nick Love’s Sweeney film

Being a huge fan of the 70′s Thames TV cop show The Sweeney, here are a few tips that we hope Nick Love may consider while in production with the new film -

1) The opening titles. It must follow the Thames TV logo and then a pre-title scene like the Bond films, as this was an essential part of the original TV series. It must also contain the infamous blue tinted sequence in all its former glory, filming it down the same road – Colet Gardens, and replacing only the actors and motor with the modern counterparts – Winstone, Plan B and a Ford Mondeo (see below).




2. The Motor. Yes, it should be a Ford Mondeo that The Sweeney cruise around in looking for blaggers, not a Ford Focus. The Mondeo is the only large size equivelent to that 70′s tank - the Ford Granada. By all means use the Focus as a back-up vehicle, but not the main motor. The Sweeney must also have a driver that sits behind the wheel of the Mondeo. Bill the driver from the TV series is probably too old to come out of retirement now, but we can’t have Regan in the driving seat. He has to be a passenger in the front, growling orders like `Step on it, the baarstard’s are gettin’ away, etc.’


3. Ford Transit. The film must contain a bank robbery, with the robbers wearing tights over their heads, and the getaway transportation has to be a Ford Transit. No other will do.


4. The line ` Get yer trousers on, you’re nicked!’ has to appear at some point, preferably after Regan has kicked down some door and found a suspect lying in bed with a naked bird beside him. And somewhere in the film we must hear Regan shout the words `Shaat it!’


5. Frank Haskins – The man with the bad haircut that kept Regan and Carter in line. He has to be in the film, although currently there has been no news on who is playing him.


Nick Love, we hope you are reading….


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