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Educating for the Creative Industries

Journalists making the news, film-makers creating cinema, fashion on the catwalk and music bursting out of studios – our emphasis is on education through practice, whether you are an artist, a graphic designer, a photographer or a screenwriter. Our unique concentration of disciplines is housed in purpose built professional facilities making us one of Europe’s leading centres for higher education for the creative industries.

Whether you’re planning to study television or sculpture, animation or public relations, you will have the chance to interact with and learn from a dynamic community of students, scholars and professionals from all over the world, in an environment as exciting and vibrant as the ones you are planning to enter.

While acquiring technical skills and developing your own creative work, you will also be learning to analyse and appreciate the context of your specialism and how it fits contemporary culture.

Our team of leading researchers, practitioners and professionals will ensure that you are equipped not merely to produce work to the highest standard, but also with the rigour and critical approach to understand the impact of your work on audiences, clients and society.

From ceramics to cyberspace, MAD students are encouraged to look beyond the obvious, work across boundaries and bring together skills and ideas in new and exciting ways.

Our Mission

With one of the most varied arts and media portfolios in Europe, the School of Media, Arts and Design aims to prepare students not merely to enter the creative industries, but to shape and lead them. Its strong reputation for professional and practice-based education is matched by a distinguished record in academic teaching and scholarly research, encouraging the development of reflective critical practitioners.

In our professional standard studios, workshops and laboratories we aim to provide you with an experience that matches as closely as possible the workplaces you will be entering. Surrounded by artists, producers, journalists, designers and musicians all intent on producing their work to the highest possible standards, you will have the chance to collaborate with colleagues in group projects and team work.

Your creative work will be informed and illuminated by theoretical inquiry taught by leading researchers and professionals. You may decide to go on to further study with us, either on one of our highly regarded Masters courses or as a research student. Or you may be hungry to let loose your talents and skills on the world.

Either way, we believe we are offering you a dynamic higher education mixing with people from all over the world who, like yourself, will soon be making a name in lights, in print, on screens or in galleries. And you will remember them, and us, for ever.