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Finishing Post Creative

Finishing Post Creative
Giltbrook Studios
10 Giltway
NG16 2GN

Tel: +44 (0)115 945 8800
Fax: +44 (0)115 945 8801


We provide: broadcast video editing; film editing; Avid editing; video production facilities; 2D graphics; 3D graphics; computer graphics; TV graphics; special effects; video post-production; DVD authoring; DVD encoding; DVD duplication; DVD replication; film titling; video titling; television titles; subtitling; subtitles; TV studios; sound studios; sound stage; sound post-production; bluescreen;  greenscreen; Ultimatte; virtual sets; virtual studio.

At Finishing Post we feel we offer something unique. Our in-house team comprises dedicated editors, visual effects (VFX) specialists, designers and DVD experts. Our departments are seamlessly integrated, both in terms of the technology we use on our high-speed network of computers, and simply in the level of synergy our staff enjoy. We have the creativity and the breadth of experience to back up our strong investment in technology.

It is possible for a client to enter the building with their rushes, and walk out with a finished programme on DVD, having overseen the individual stages in its creation, each carried out by a specialist, and all taking place seamlessly under one roof. When you book Finishing Post, don’t just think in terms of booking a number of separate services, but of booking a unified solution to your needs.